Permissible Business Activities

  • To carry on the business of establishing, managing and running textile mills, ginning factories, oil mills, oil extraction plants, including spinning, weaving, ginning, manufacturing of cloth and textile fabrics of all kinds and jute flax and hemp, cotton and wool merchants, wool combers, worsted spinners, woolen spinners, yarn merchants, worsted stuff merchants, bleachers, dyers and manufacturers of bleaching, dying, finishing, printing and other dyeing materials in Pakistan and all over the world.

  • To carry on the business of manufacturers, buyers, sellers, spinners, weavers, ginners, pressers, packers, balers, processors and dealers in all kinds of yarn, fabrics, fibrous substance and material, whether natural or synthetic, threads, polyester synthetic; silk, rayon, nylon and worsted yarns and fabrics of every kind and every type and textiles of any varieties.