Environment and Safety

Over the past decade many corporations around the world have rightly understood that success in business is not just a function of sales and profits alone. The community and eco-system within and around the business needs protection and thus internal and external environmental development initiatives have a very direct role in determining long-term project viability.

At Resham Textile Industries Limited every single individual employed at the factory is provided accommodation, food, healthcare and recreational facilities in a protected and healthy environment. Separate living premises are available for families and for single labor personnel. The factory also hosts a school at factory premises which is run and managed by qualified teachers. Free education is provided for children of families residing at the mill. There is a mosque at the mill, as well as two separate cafeterias.

In terms of safety and regulation, in addition to various forms of business insurances, the company strives to provide a protected environment at the head office and the factory premises. Fire-safety at the head office is ensured through regularly maintained fire extinguishing instruments. In addition modern fire safety equipment at the factor a medical dispensary has recently been set up which is run and managed by an M.B.B.S. qualified doctor. The dispensary is available 24 hours in case of emergency. Fire and emergency exits at the company are clearly marked. We train our employees with fire-fighting on a bi-annual basis.