Quality Assurance

Always striving for higher standards in Quality and Customer Satisfaction

At Resham Textile Industries Limited strict quality measurement and controls are emphasized right from the purchase of our raw material to the finished product.

How we make sure quality standards are maintained:
  1. We procure fine quality cotton from the international market, as well as from leading ginning stations across the country. Procured cotton is run through various tests before use in production.

  2. Our product success relies on a mind-set of high-quality orientation vis--vis operational efficiency, and we ensure this through inter-departmental controls at every stage of production.

  3. We house a state-of-the-art lab facility in order to comply with international quality standards.

  4. We employee the best technical experts in the field of textile engineering who are experienced in using a wide range of textile lab equipment.

  5. We are constantly working towards improving the quality of our products through feedback from our customers.

Following below testing equipment used at Resham:

Serial No Equipment Name Model Manufacturer Quantity
1 Uster Tester - 5 UT- 5 USTER 1
2 Uster Tensorapid- 3 USTER 1
3 Fibrograph 630 SPINLAB 1
4 Fibro Sampler 192 SPINLAB 1
5 Stello Meter 654 USTER 1
6 Micronaire Tester 675 SPINLAB 1
7 Wrapping Drum ASANO 1
8 Wrapping Reel ASANO 1
9 Yarn Board M/C ASANO 1
10 Shirley Analyzer CHINA 1
11 Techo meter TM 5010 1
12 TM 5010 CM-2 Delmhorst 2
13 Count Analyser USTER 1
14 Lea Strength Tester ASANO 1